Who would travel 2 hours for a $12 ice cream coupon?

January, 2015  Would anyone in their right mind travel an hour and a half for ice cream? I did because I didn’t read the fine print.  Anyone who knows the Gallagher family knows we love our ice cream. I love to give the gift of time to my girlfriends, cuz Lord knows, they have everything they need and one more knickknack on the shelf doesn’t do it. So, Jo and I picked a date and off we went, to travel to Kingsport, TN to get ice cream and of course any sign that said ‘antiques’, our truck would automatically go into their parking lot.

It’s pretty rare for me to go into an antique shop and not find something that had ‘farm, little white house’, all over it. Yes, it happened. There was a parking spot right in front of a store called “Heirloom Antiques.” In we go. Right away, the ‘owner’ said welcome and asked where we were from. Jo answered. I was too busy already perusing the shelves.   Lo and behold, what caught my eye? A gigantic stained glass lamp shade with fireflies around the bottom edge. GORGEOUS. I knew where it belonged, in the horse barn that has a destiny to be the new wool studio since Matthew and Heather have moved into the ‘little white house’ on the farm. I asked the owner, who later introduced himself as Joshua Trimm, quoted me a price for the chair that this gorgeous lamp shade was sitting on. I chuckled and said, “oh no, the shade?’ He price it and Jo came over and said, ‘Now, let’s get to other store and you don’t need that.” Well, it’s a good thing, I don’t listen to my friends, haha. I was actually ecstatic. See, I was looking for industrial ceiling shades? Is that what you call those things? I had spotted a couple at the Odd Fellows Antique store in Asheville for awhile. It was ‘on the list’ for me to ask Robert Mackey, our good friend and electrician, to go with me and check them out BECAUSE I needed overhead lighting in the upstairs horse barn. Well, I sure do appreciate my God allowing that to not pan out. That firefly lampshade was supposed to come to the farm! I asked Joshua if he had any others, cuz it should would look good with three lights overhead. He said no, and I told him that I could just hug him, I was so happy to buy those firefly lampshade. Don’t worry girls, I didn’t. I just told him I could! So, I ventured quickly through his store and SAW ANOTHER shade, still stain glass, but different color scheme, not something I would have bought first, BUT something I would buy to have with my fireflies! I told him, I thought you didn’t have anymore, hehe, with a chuckle. Joshua said, well, I wasn’t going to sell it, but as a matter of fact. I have another of those. My ex’s mother gave me those and I have been hanging on to them. Well, you know I then started telling him all about the farm and that those lamp shades would be in a good home. What’s his bottom price? God blessed me again. Wonderful price for all three and I started to get payment. He needed my email to send me my receipt. I spelled out p-s-a-l-m-2-3-j-w…and Joshua said, “He maketh me lie down in green pastures.” I smiled and knew he was His. I started talking about God, and asked if he was a believer and he just shouted, ‘Praise the Lord, I am saved.” I laughed with the Holy Spirit’s love. We finished our business and then shared our ‘elevator’ stories ( Thank you Stephanie! She can tell you want that it…business talk) Once he became a believer, he needed to know why his gift of being an entrepreneur was so successful. God showed him that making money was for a purpose. He was to use it to go into the mission field. Joshua asked Jo, if I gave tours of the farm and that he would really like to come and see ‘the farm’. Lord, that is why I constantly want the farm to be and look its best. Your creation. Your beautiful creation….to be praised.

Later that night, I looked up Heirloom Antiques and yes, he has a knack for business. Joshua started this particular business only in 2012. How does one do that?? Well, I know one thing if Joshua does come to the farm, he will get the three hour tour and in turn, I would love to hear his thoughts on how I can get everything DONE that’s on my list!

Heirloom Antiques even does consignments.