“How about Sheep?” the question that changed the path of Dan and Julie Wilson’s lives in 1990. Dan’s positive answer began the saga of Jehovah Raah Farm, which means, “The Lord shepherds”. Two sheep on an acre pasture in Candler, North Carolina, paved the way into a 42 acre farm in Fines Creek, NC. One will find Alpacas, (Suri and Hucaya), Angora Goats, Angora Rabbits, Shetland Sheep, Scottish Highland Cattle, Llamas, Honey Bees, Road Island Red Chickens and Black Spanish Turkeys grazing in their little piece of heaven,. Julie will drop everything to teach folks to spin fiber into yarn on Lendrum Spinning wheels (dealer since 1996). After retiring from thirty years of teaching special needs teenagers, Julie’s passion and exuberance for farmin’ and spinnin’ is truly contagious. If you want to be renewed…come to the farm!

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This site is dedicated to Jack & Rosemary Gallagher along with Bud & Bernice Wilson. Without their guidance, life would not be as it is today.

Dueteronomy 6: 4-9