What is Important?


It happened. I was having my daily 10 solid, “do nothing else but sit with God” morning moments and I started asking, why are we here, specifically on this farm? I have always wondered how to serve God while here. and God told me or commented, ‘You know, Matthew had been a youth pastor and profess to be My follower, but no mention of Me is every said.” “Pray with my believers each time you get together. ”
How do make my time more productive, how do you, God want this farm to be used?

To Honor Him 

Ok, so when believers get together, Julianne, Dan, Cameron, the rest of the family, get together here to work towards these weddings coming up, let’s just take one minute and ask God to bless our endeavors to praise Him.

Cappuletta’s Daughter’s Healing 
July, 2014….Matthew and Heather