What is important?

January 15, 2015  Well, I will try again, write the diary, keep up with the blog. I am sitting at the airport terminal, using every minute, to produce. I listened to Pastor Steven Furtick with Elevation church, based in Charlotte, NC yesterday online. He talked about John Chapter 15, you know, I am the vine, you are the branches chapter and he was very enlightening. God is our gardener, who prunes the fruit producing branches and CUTS the unproducing branches. Furtick talked about it takes time, to produce a beautiful flower, tree, fruit. …and trimming hurts. He also talked about what is important, what is worthwhile, concerning our time. And all this because I feel overwhelmed all the time with the amount of projects, daily chores, making jewelry, spinning fiber, teaching spinning, all of which I love, demands my time. As I have learned from preparing and traveling to Rhinebeck to teach spinning for over a week, I can do anything I want, I just CAN’T do everything. So, choosing which item to do with my time is perplexing to me right now. I do and am proud to say that I have consistently sat with My God each morning to have coffee with Him and read His Word. I actually set the timer on my cell phone and it works so well. I try to text my girls, “Take 5” and they know what that means. I guess the truism, if you do something for 28 days, it becomes a habit, a ritual. He tells me, I hear, “have you sat with Me?” Yet before I officially start my day”. I use the thoughts of ….He has given me 24 hours, can I not give Him back 10 totally devoted minutes? It makes me smile. I guess this morning even I heard Him tell me, “I will help you plan. I can be part of your list. ….All is good.”

I am thankful for Matthew Wood, who will take care of the farm while I travel to Danielle’s. Danielle, Graham, and I will drive back to Asheville tomorrow. Danielle was a bit unsure of traveling 8+ hours with a wee little one. Graham is 12 pounds now and sleeping good, adjusting to his new life on God’s earth!