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Handcrafted spinning wheel by Gordon Lendrum since 1976. Jehovah Raah Farm has been a dealer since 1996.

Mill Spun and Handspun…soft, woolen, worsted, curly, natural colors, dyed, lace…your choice.
Nourishing eggs and beef, refreshing sweet honey, flowers and herbs to renew your spirit while just ‘being’ in a pasture surrounded by fiber animals.
Handcrafted by Julie, using fiber, semi-precious gems, beads and stones to enhance your inner beauty, along with some Tibetan pieces.
Don’t have time or talent to spin, weave or knit? But ready to wear from Julie and other local fiber artists!
A Shawl is not complete without a beautiful pin to help hold it in place!
Ready to spin fiber…lots of choices of natural colors and types.
For the “do it yourself” kind of folks. Your choice!