I asked for 1…but got 500!

October 11, 2016  My friend, Debbie, had a birthday gift for me. She said she got it at a craft show from a young lady who had the words, ‘Psalm23’ on her chaulk board.  Debbie asked her if she had anything for sale with Psalm23 on it.  The lady said she used to, but because she had gotten some flack about it, she took it off.

Right then, my heart and my sword took a leap.  You thinking, ‘sword?’ what are you talking about? At this time, my sword was to be sharpen to go to the young women and tell her, do not despair, be Brave, put Psalm 23 back on your cards, your endeavors, your items.  Stand up for whom and what you believe. Do not let evil sway your actions.  That is what I mean by ‘sharpening my sword’.

I knew it.  God was letting me know, I must find this young lady and tell her.

Stand up for what you believe in.

As I was leaving Debbie’s, we both realized that the craft show was still going on at the Haywood fairgrounds and Debbie told me where she and her husband were set up.  I would go, try to find her and share with her my story (the 5 minute version!)

As I was leaving Debbie’s, I asked God to somehow give me just ONE farm business card in my purse, in the car, somewhere hidden.  “Just put it there, Lord.” That I could give to this lady.  I knew she would ask for a card. Everyone wants your business card.

Well, I didn’t put one and one together. But I had to go to Staples and pick up my cards that I had them print for the upcoming NYSW show that I would be teaching at the following week.  I made, with the help of my friends, Paula, Vicky and Debbie, “the 10 commandments of Beginning Spinning.” We had a blast thinking of them, the first one being…Thou shalt have patience with yourself.

All the time while in the store, I am praying that God give me just ONE business card in the car somewhere. Some crook, some cranny.

So, finally, the end…

As I was walking out of Staples, holding my 500 business cards, I realized and was in tearful awe, that my God had not given me just 1, He gave me 500! …I felt as I was experiencing the miracle of the 500 business cards!!

Epilogue…haha, just like books.  I did go to the lady and my heart was beating and my nerves were anxious. How would she perceive me, what would she say to some complete stranger?  I introduced myself and told her my story: the  name of our farm, and how, in 1992, it was a crazy leap of faith to name our farm with HIS name in it.  People would look at me funny. People would think we were a cult.

God told me a long time ago, when I asked Him, why have you blessed us so much? (the children, the farm). He answers, “Because you honored my name.”