Easter 2015, Puppy…three days in hiding

April 2015 Have I told the story of Puppy? Puppy is a Sharplanenic Guardian Livestock dog who was Medo’s son and lived on the farm a wee bit. A wee bit until he was the culprit of bite marks on the pony and dead turkeys in the field. We had to find a home for him. Our assistant Pastor and his wife said they would love to have him and there is where Puppy lived for over 8 years.

But the day came when Alan and Camie had decided to adopt children and needed to find a home for Puppy. My Julianne told them that he could come to the farm. Well, It was easy for Julianne to say for Puppy to come to the farm, Julianne doesn’t have to deal with the farm on a day to day basis.

Weeks went by and I kept saying, no, there are too many dogs here already. Medo was still doing well and alive. I guess Julianne tried to find different homes but God had other plans. Puppy came here, boy, I wish I could remember exactly when! I had to make sure that Medo accepted Puppy . Two big dogs getting along again!

So, Medo and Puppy were pretty good together.

I had scheduled time with Danielle to help out with Graham, so she could do her job. It was fun for me…hotel…good food, Graham, Danielle, just babysitting!!!

So, I was driving home to the farm and I get a call from Dan, he knew I was coming home that day. He sounded awful and I asked him what was wrong. He said that Puppy was missing.


Well, was I wrong to be a bit upset? Did he not look for him? Dan continued to tell me that ( mind you this is Thursday afternoon ) on Tuesday morning as he was backing out to go to work, he felt, heard his truck run over something! You can guess what /who he ran over. Dan figured since Puppy ran up to the porch, he was OK. I am so sorry to say, but that might tell you what kind of farmer Dan is!

He thought since Puppy walked away, he was OK. Well, Dan didn’t see/find Puppy that night and the next, and the next. I know that Dan wasn’t going to tell me cuz he thought Puppy would just show up. Dan could have at least told Julianne. She would have been there in a second and look for him to check him over!!

I remember pulling over and just feeling like throwing up. I talked to God, shouted to God cuz I just didn’t have the calmness to talk to anyone else.

Could He, of course, He could, bring Puppy back to life if he was dying somewhere? I must have talked to God for half an hour. I told Him how if He could raise Jesus, and Lazarus and I believe there are others, from the dead, He could help a little ( for those of you who know him, hehe) dog out. I knew He could answer my pleading prayer.


As I rounded a bend in the interstate near Greensboro, there was a gigantic billboard…. HE IS RISEN…… is what it said. So, I knew God could save Puppy. I don’t know how many minutes passed. I know that my foot was pretty heavy on the gas pedal, hurrying to get home…to look for Puppy.

Meanwhile, at QMS, word, somehow, got out that Puppy was missing, Julianne starting crying and Dan felt terrible.

It was good that I had three hours more to go, cuz I wasn’t sure how to react to Dan, if I could have been home in 30 minutes. I am working on that. Forgive others as we ask our Father to forgive us. yeah, Dear God, don’t give me anymore situations to learn from.

It turns out that Cameron and Dan got to the farm and Cameron found Puppy, under the antique wash bucket stand on the front porch. They called me and I am relieve and again eternally grateful to God for taking care of one of the special animals on our farm. Puppy laid for a couple days without moving much, I bandaged his gash, gave him water and much needed TLC. He is Alive!