But deliver us from evil

I saw His saving hands after several weeks.  I went to a person’s house, without knowing him, walked around  his yard, gathered all kinds of perennials, saw all of his carvings, that he said he carved as he sailed around the world in a yacht? he made.  It was crazy.  It didn’t seem crazy at the time.  Maybe I was led there in order for me to realize weeks later, God’s protective arms all around me.  I never had a terrible thought as I was touring this gentlemen’s yard and house. but afterwards, as I was telling my friend, my story, all that stuck in my head are were the words in the “Our Father Prayer”….”but deliver us from evil.”

It started at Lowe’s.  I was in line and a man in front of me had 20 bags of mulch or topsoil, or something you use to amend the soil. I noticed his gorgeous Turquoise watch, and told him, “you need some Alpaca manure to go along with that?”  He commented back, and we just chatted.  In the parking lot, I gave him our farm’s business card, hoping he would come get ‘some manure’  and clean out a barn.  Well, he did come.  Can’t remember now, if he just showed up or called.  I think he called, telling me he was at the truck stop and just wanted to double check the directions.  He came, cleaned out a barn, and as we sat at the picnic table, we shared freshly made banana bread I had just made.  Of course, we started talking about plants and he told me that he had many perennials, that he would be happy to share with me.  Then he suggested that I come over that day, just follow him home.  I look back at this most ridiculous idea and think,” HOW or WHY in the hell prompted me to say yea, jump in the car and go to a place in Jonathan Creek that no one would have known where I was….Just to get some perennials. …. hehe , I guess I don’t think clearly when it come to plants.

Oh my Gosh!. All I can say is ‘thank you God” You sure did protect me.  That was the most stupid thing I did in all my life.   Of course, I survived, I am here typing my story right now, but God’ resounding words come to me LOUD AND CLEAR….”But deliver us from evil’…He did.