Austin Texas Trip and Coffee Gift

This little story doesn’t have anything to do with the farm, it has to do with my life and what I just did.

Thursday. Jan. 17, 2019, Stephanie picked me up at the farm, packed with all her belongings that she would need or want in Austin, Texas, with her ‘Air to Be’ trailer in tow, and we headed for Austin, Tx.

I am on the plane now, heading back to Fines Creek, without her, but knowing she will be in His ever loving hands.  I was very good, I did my crying back at the farm on Wednesday, knowing the time would come for her to drop me off at the airport, not knowing if I could hold on to the tears.  But, I did, WE hugged,, and hugged, and she left, after our last Who Ra ofgetting lost, going the wrong way, not being able to get to the ‘South Terminal” of Austin Airport.  See, there were so many detours and road closed signs that our sweet GPS had no clue about. But, we made it. Time ticking away. Thank goodness, family, we left with plenty of time to spare.

So, I go through security, of course, they had to search my purse that looked and weighed like a carryon, afraid they would take my candles, or Exodus Oil that I bought at Thistle Farms, in Nashville, which was our first stop on stephie’s and my journey to Austin.  I passed without any of my belonging confiscated.

I knew it was time for coffee, stood near the register, saw a man getting one cup and the man behind the register told him…$5.00. I thought, what the heck did that guy get? Surely, a small cup of black coffee is not $5. Next in line, I asked how much for coffee, the guy at the register said, $4.75,, I almost fell over, This was not Starbucks, heck even there I think a small coffee is $2.  So, I scooted out of line, knowing that price was going to take some though.  ( I think, what is wrong with me, but, I sat down and pondered!!! $5 for coffee?  So, economics won.  That was the ONLY possible coffee and if I didn’t want a headache, Ithey had me, $5  I was going to pay.

With my credit card in hand, I go to counter and smiled at the guy, my expression of “ I give up, I will pay” written all over my face.  I say “coffee please, small” and he takes the insulated cup, turns it over and says, “ It’s on me” You enjoy it and havce a good day, And there are refills” I said,, He says, Yes, It’s on me.  So, as my grandmother taught me, and God continues to teach me, say, Thank you and accept.  I took the cup, going over to the coffee area and my eyes can’t stop welling up with tears. Tears of leaving Stephanie, tears of gratitiude of the man behind the counter , overlwhemed with emotions, as I prepare to leave Austin.

God is teaching me to let go, and let her grow, He is going to lehp me not worry. She will be happy in a big city, She will be happy in a ‘people’ job in contrast to QMS,  a factory setting that wasn’t letting her grow. In areas of her gifts.  God bless Stephanie in her quest of finding her way and purpose in life and God blass me in letting her grow.