Spinning All Fibers

A Plethora of Fibers…Look, feel, spin 
Class Description:
So now you know how to spin wool.  What’s the next step? Explore different breeds of sheep: Merino, Cotswald, Jacob, Liecester Longwool, Teeswater, to name a few.  Should one spin ‘in the grease’ or washed? Carded or straight from the locks?  Feel and spin Huacaya and Suri Alpaca.  How long of a staple does silk have?  Should I buy a brick, a hankie, or a cap of silk? How long is the staple of cotton? What is spinning ‘on the fold’ or ‘long draw’? How soft is Angora rabbit anyway? What is ‘blooming’? How do I spin the mohair to make that gorgeous novelty, curly yarn? Can I spin dog hair?  You won’t have to search the internet for all different animal breeders/ or walk around a festival (SAFF, MSW, NYSW, Black Sheep Gathering in Oregon) finding different animals. You will have over 20 different samples.  Each ‘take home’ box will have labeled baggies of fiber samples along with pen and index card for you to write down notes and observations. Lendrum Spinning Wheels will be provided for you to use or you may bring your own wheel. This is an explorative class of different fibers that will enable you to further research the fibers of your choice later in your spinning career!
$60.00 plus $25.00 materials fee