Goat, Sheep and two Alpaca loose at Long’s Chapel

Christmas Miracles

Contributing Blogger – Laura Greer, (momencouragementblog)

Miracles still happen all around us. We just need to understand they often come in unexpected packages. Packages such as the kind, thoughtful, and instinctive actions of others – and gentle whispers.

The Drive-Thru Christmas Story at Long’s Chapel was finished. Julie, still in her shepherd’s costume, was packing up her sheep, goats, and alpacas. Her efforts helped bless an estimated 2,000 people driving through the Christmas story throughout the weekend, many of whom expressed their awe at the authenticity brought by the sets, costumes, cast and animals. Many of whom expressed the blessing of their hearts in a time when connection and blessing are sorely needed.

The blessing of that many people with the story of Christ’s birth during this pandemic is itself a miracle. Yet, another miracle was about to unfold.

Packing up the alpacas to head home and rest after two long evenings in the cold, Julie was almost ready to hit the road, when the thought came to ask about the leftover straw.

That’s when I heard the call for help.

Not knowing what happened, several of us took off in the direction of Julie’s voice. At the upper end of the parking lot, it was dark and hard to make out the scene before us. Seeing the dark silhouettes of a few of our youth and adults, I then saw the alpacas – heading for the highway.

Their leashes had been removed for the ride home. The side door unlatched as she started to drive down the parking lot to ask about the straw. This all could have happened in a much worse scenario along the dark and busy highway that holds two truck stops between the church and the farm – had she not received the whispered thought to ask about the straw.

The traffic control officers should have already gone home, but there they suddenly were, keeping watch on the cars driving by as the scene unfolded. The faster and more limber youth and young adults ran up the rocky embankment toward the road, corralling the alpacas back toward those of us who were a little slower to the foray. We joined the shepherding effort by making a human circle to ‘catch’ the alpacas until the alpacas were reunited with Julie, their shepherd, and safely put back in the trailer – where we checked the locks, several more times.

Miracles in unexpected packages.

Yet another testimony to Jehovah Raah – The Lord Shepherds.