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Horses loose….Pray

horse loose

Spring of 2014…I (Julianne) was pet sitting for a family that lived off Merrimon Avenue near downtown Asheville while they were traveling abroad in France. They have a beautiful quaint farm that is right outside the city limits. It is quite unique; with horses, dogs, meat rabbits, cats,  honey bees, and a turtle!

The barn is set right beside the road and they have two pastures that they would rotate the horses in to save the grass.  There were three horses, Yetzen , a Friesian,  Sunshine, an Irish Sport Horse, and Barkley,  Sunshines’ foal, then, three years old. Needless to say, these are not your average size horses, (much bigger).  Standing on my tip toes I still could not touch Yetzen’s ears or see over his back, but he was a true gentle giant and still is in the top as one of my favorite horses I pet sat.

The week that I was watching this farm, it had been raining for three days straight.  Keep reading