Am I missing God’s Surprises?


A present for us

Let me tell you a story that happened to me yesterday. As some may know, Dan and I have three daughters. The youngest moved to Austin, Texas several years ago. Since then, I believe she has fallen in love with a Texan! Well, that Texan was to be interviewing with a company in Asheville.  So, they decided to fly to NC so he could do the second interview in person.  So, Stephanie and I talked of plans.  They would stay in the little ‘Shepherd’s Croft’. They came in Wednesday night.  I told Julianne (our second daughter) that I had a last minute renter for the Shepherd’s Croft.  The next morning, I told Julianne that she would NOT believe how the guest in the house was the spittin’ image of Stephanie.  I added to the ‘story’ by saying the ‘girls’ were from Ireland and the one that looked so much like Stephanie, even had red hair.  I asked Julianne to go down and meet them…….and that would have been my surprise to Julianne.  That lo and behold, the girl that looked so much like Stephanie would actually BE Stephanie.  I thought it would be a grand surprise to Julianne.

It didn’t turn out like that.  Julianne wouldn’t do it. She said she thought it was weird and she felt uncomfortable going down there to meet the people.  So, I watched out the window as she just drove right by the Shepherd’s Croft.  Of course, I don’t exactly know how to put my feelings into words, but God did.  He told me right away that what I had experienced, was what He  experiences when HE KNOWS the outcome, glorious surprises that HE has in store for us sometimes, if we would just TRUST HIM and go forward.  But we don’t.

How many times have I missed His surprise?