September, 2014 Llama loose in neighborhood, Sheep loose on Patton

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Loose LlamaWith what you are about to read, I thank God for how the circumstances turned out. My blog will have a lot of references to God and how thankful I am that He takes care of me, my family and this farm. As I finally got through to the end of this day at Emanuel Lutheran School, I thought if what I am about to tell you wasn’t enough to start this farm blog...nothing was. I am extremely thankful.

I began the day by trailering the farm animals to a local elementary school, Emanuel Lutheran, off Patton Ave. in Asheville, NC. I would be teaching all about fiber for their art class twice a month for one year. The first session was to be a demo and the older students would participate in hand shearing an Angora goat. Well, it started out great, all the students loved seeing and petting the animals. The catastrophe happened about lunch time. In the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of my sweet Llama loping over the pen panel. I knew what COULD happen, but I slowly turned to the teacher and asked, “Is there a fence along this school yard perimeter?” Well, you can guess what she said…..innocently, No.. Keep reading

Horses loose….Pray

horse loose

Spring of 2014…I (Julianne) was pet sitting for a family that lived off Merrimon Avenue near downtown Asheville while they were traveling abroad in France. They have a beautiful quaint farm that is right outside the city limits. It is quite unique; with horses, dogs, meat rabbits, cats,  honey bees, and a turtle!

The barn is set right beside the road and they have two pastures that they would rotate the horses in to save the grass.  There were three horses, Yetzen , a Friesian,  Sunshine, an Irish Sport Horse, and Barkley,  Sunshines’ foal, then, three years old. Needless to say, these are not your average size horses, (much bigger).  Standing on my tip toes I still could not touch Yetzen's ears or see over his back, but he was a true gentle giant and still is in the top as one of my favorite horses I pet sat.

The week that I was watching this farm, it had been raining for three days straight.  Keep reading

I asked for 1, but got 500!!

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Oct. 11, 2016

I asked for 1 but got 500!!

My friend, Debbie, had a birthday gift for me. She said she got it at a craft show from a young lady who had the words, ‘Psalm23’ on her chaulk board.  Debbie asked her if she had anything for sale with Psalm23 on it.  The lady said she used to, but because she had gotten some flack about it, she took it off.

Right then, my heart and my sword took a leap.  You thinking, ‘sword?’ what are you talking about? Keep reading

june 2015…..Should I continue this farm blog?


Should I write a blog?

June 10, 2015

Excited to write a entry in my farm blog, but tragedy struck. I know to “save’ anything on the computer. I wrote the blog entry, saved it, then went to website, like I always do, to check to see how it looks. If I notice off the bat if there are any mistakes. I went to the webpage and75% of the blog is GONE!!! What happened? Immediately , I texted Michael Miessner, the guy that does our farm website. He called back and tried to look on the server, on his side, but to no avail.

July 31, 2015

And now, I am up to date It has taken me a month to final get all the word documents, finding files and put them into the new website’s blog.

Hope you are learning a lot of how these days go around here on this fantastic farm!

Today, I officially, sold my first ‘grass fed beef’ to customers, two families vacationing together in the mountains. Chef Mo, recommended us!!


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