September, 2014 Llama loose in neighborhood, Sheep loose on Patton

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Loose LlamaWith what you are about to read, I thank God for how the circumstances turned out. My blog will have a lot of references to God and how thankful I am that He takes care of me, my family and this farm. As I finally got through to the end of this day at Emanuel Lutheran School, I thought if what I am about to tell you wasn’t enough to start this farm blog...nothing was. I am extremely thankful.

I began the day by trailering the farm animals to a local elementary school, Emanuel Lutheran, off Patton Ave. in Asheville, NC. I would be teaching all about fiber for their art class twice a month for one year. The first session was to be a demo and the older students would participate in hand shearing an Angora goat. Well, it started out great, all the students loved seeing and petting the animals. The catastrophe happened about lunch time. In the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of my sweet Llama loping over the pen panel. I knew what COULD happen, but I slowly turned to the teacher and asked, “Is there a fence along this school yard perimeter?” Well, you can guess what she said…..innocently, No..

Off went the llama, getting further and further ahead of me as she felt the freedom of no fences. Off I went, through brambles, through woods, through a neighborhood, trying to solicit help from any passerby. Right away, I thought, this is not ‘the country’ this is’the city’. People are cautious of helping. One man angrily asked me “What was I doing with that animal here?” I should have been funny, but I was not in a joking mood to tell him that I just moved in and I would be bringing the other 50 llamas next week.

No success in catching that llama yet.

Then my sweet llama went into a yard, a fenced yard. Yeah! I thought. Well, it was short lived. Before I could get the gate shut, the llama shot out of the yard like she knew exactly what she was doing. And we’re talking 160 pounds. There was no way I was ‘just’ going to grab her heck. I must have herded that llama a mile into that neighborhood. I came across two men and a woman unpacking their car, I actually asked them to help, they said they had things to do. I was a bit exasperated, Ha, with them or the llama? Haha. That was the point when I lost sight of the llama. Believe it not, we were back in some extremely high thicket wooded area and I had no idea where she had gone. Another letdown. But, it wasn’t too long that I caught a glimpse of a large wooly thing rustling about in the thicket. I never wished so bad that those thorns that were tearing me up would catch her. No such luck.

Then, help arrived. A man got out of his car and I told him if he could get behind the llama and herd her back down the street that would be great. I was planning somehow to get back to that fenced yard. He was helpful. The man stopped that llama, waving his arms, pushing that llama back down towards me. I stopped her from going past me and she went straight into the fenced yard. THIS time, I was going to shut that gate. The man helped shut the gate and I knew I really couldn’t ask him to help me catch her because if the llama accidentally bulldozed him over, who knows what court I would end up in. I was continuing to pray. It wasn’t long that the man asked if I had it under control now. I told him I did, but I lied.   I told him thanks for his help and I wasn’t lying then. I continued to chase that llama all over that yard…UNTIL I noticed a dog lot in the corner. YES! I still had the llama feed bucket in hand, so I put the feed bucket inside the dog lot and slowly herded that blessed llama into the dog lot. Well, I knew I HAD her but it still took a little wrestling here and there, but I finally caught her. Put the leash on her halter and knew my disaster was over.

Well, fat chance. Ok, here I come back up the hill, a bit out of sorts, but happy because I HAD the llama. I trudged to where the students were and another teacher sadly came up to me and said, “Did you know your sheep is gone? I think it headed towards Patton Ave.” ….I almost cried. But I didn’t visually, I just brought in the ‘extra forces’…I prayed and as my friend, Debbie Hale says, Pray Hard.

Now, ensues the next ordeal. Well, I put that run away Llama in the trailer, and prayed; to be calm, to keep people in cars and on foot safe, for that sheep to get back alive.

Mr. Rush, the principal, came and calmly told me that the custodian saw the sheep go towards Patton Avenue.   The custodian got me into his truck and off we went across Patton Ave, onto a side street. He remembered seeing the sheep trot down a side street, letting me know he had tried to get the sheep as soon as it escaped. . Meanwhile, all I am doing inside my head was praying that I would soon end this ‘Twilight Zone’ fiasco.

Lo and behold some people had stopped my little black sheep on a side street and all I had to do was cry out “Sheeeeep”. He ran to me like a little child to a favorite Grandmother. He knew where home was. On the way back to the custodian’s truck, someone stopped and asked if he could take a photo. I sure do wish I got that man’s name. I would have definitely put that picture on our website. “Sheep loose on Patton Ave. Oh My God, is all I said, all the way back to that school yard with a big black sheep on my lap dangling my legs off the back of that sweet custodian’s truck. What a story.


Yes, I did finish the day with the kids that had missed their turn with the only difference being the Llama was quarantined to the trailer. I never did ask Mr. Rush, if he said his prayers that night. I guessed he did! And it was on that day that I promised that it would be the very first blog entry for our farm.   I will always be ETERNALLY grateful to my God for granting our farm animals and anyone walking or driving be have stayed safe that day!

I asked for 1, but got 500!!

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Oct. 11, 2016

I asked for 1 but got 500!!

My friend, Debbie, had a birthday gift for me. She said she got it at a craft show from a young lady who had the words, ‘Psalm23’ on her chaulk board.  Debbie asked her if she had anything for sale with Psalm23 on it.  The lady said she used to, but because she had gotten some flack about it, she took it off.

Right then, my heart and my sword took a leap.  You thinking, ‘sword?’ what are you talking about? At this time, my sword was to be sharpen to go to the young women and tell her, do not despair, be Brave, put Psalm 23 back on your cards, your endeavors, your items.  Stand up for whom and what you believe. Do not let evil sway your actions.  That is what I mean by ‘sharpening my sword’.

I knew it.  God was letting me know, I must find this young lady and tell her.

Stand up for what you believe in.

As I was leaving Debbie’s, we both realized that the craft show was still going on at the Haywood fairgrounds and Debbie told me where she and her husband were set up.  I would go, try to find her and share with her my story (the 5 minute version!)

As I was leaving Debbie’s, I asked God to somehow give me just ONE farm business card in my purse, in the car, somewhere hidden.  “Just put it there, Lord.” That I could give to this lady.  I knew she would ask for a card. Everyone wants your business card.

Well, I didn’t put one and one together. But I had to go to Staples and pick up my cards that I had them print for the upcoming NYSW show that I would be teaching at the following week.  I made, with the help of my friends, Paula, Vicky and Debbie, “the 10 commandments of Beginning Spinning.” We had a blast thinking of them, the first one being…Thou shalt have patience with yourself.

All the time while in the store, I am praying that God give me just ONE business card in the car somewhere. Some crook, some cranny.

So, finally, the end…

As I was walking out of Staples, holding my 500 business cards, I realized and was in tearful awe, that my God had not given me just 1, He gave me 500! …I felt as I was experiencing the miracle of the 500 business cards!!

Epilogue…haha, just like books.  I did go to the lady and my heart was beating and my nerves were anxious. How would she perceive me, what would she say to some complete stranger?  I introduced myself and told her my story: the  name of our farm, and how, in 1992, it was a crazy leap of faith to name our farm with HIS name in it.  People would look at me funny. People would think we were a cult.

God told me a long time ago, when I asked Him, why have you blessed us so much? (the children, the farm). He answers, “Because you honored my name.”


june 2015…..Should I continue this farm blog?


Should I write a blog?

June 10, 2015

Excited to write a entry in my farm blog, but tragedy struck. I know to “save’ anything on the computer. I wrote the blog entry, saved it, then went to website, like I always do, to check to see how it looks. If I notice off the bat if there are any mistakes. I went to the webpage and75% of the blog is GONE!!! What happened? Immediately , I texted Michael Miessner, the guy that does our farm website. He called back and tried to look on the server, on his side, but to no avail.

July 31, 2015

And now, I am up to date It has taken me a month to final get all the word documents, finding files and put them into the new website’s blog.

Hope you are learning a lot of how these days go around here on this fantastic farm!

Today, I officially, sold my first ‘grass fed beef’ to customers, two families vacationing together in the mountains. Chef Mo, recommended us!!


Easter, 2015, Puppy… three days in hiding


Puppy got run over and lived to tell about it.

Have I told the story of Puppy? Puppy is a Sharplanenic Guardian Livestock dog who was Medo’s son and lived on the farm a wee bit. A wee bit until he was the culprit of bite marks on the pony and dead turkeys in the field. We had to find a home for him. Our assistant Pastor and his wife said they would love to have him and there is where Puppy lived for over 8 years. Alan and Camie had decided to adopt children and needed to find a home for Puppy. My Julianne told them that he could come to the farm. Well, It was easy for Julianne to say for Puppy to come to the farm, Julianne doesn’t have to deal with the farm on a day to day basis.

Weeks went by and I kept saying, no, there are too many dogs here already. Medo was still doing well and alive. I guess Julianne tried to find different homes but God had other plans. Puppy came here, boy, I wish I could remember exactly when! I had to make sure that Medo accepted Puppy . Two big dogs getting along again!

So, Medo and Puppy were pretty good together.

I had scheduled time with Danielle to help out with Graham, so she could do her job. It was fun for me…hotel…good food, Graham, Danielle, just babysitting!!!

So, I was driving home to the farm and I get a call from Dan, he knew I was coming home that day. He sounded awful and I asked him what was wrong. He said that Puppy was missing.


Well, was I wrong to be a bit upset? Did he not look for him? Dan continued to tell me that ( mind you this is Thursday afternoon ) on Tuesday morning as he was backing out to go to work, he felt, heard his truck run over something! You can guess what /who he ran over. Dan figured since Puppy ran up to the porch, he was OK. I am so sorry to say, but that might tell you what kind of farmer Dan is!

He thought since Puppy walked away, he was OK. Well, Dan didn’t see/find Puppy that night and the next, and the next. I know that Dan wasn’t going to to tell me cuz he thought Puppy would just show up. Dan could have at least told Julianne. She would have been there in a second and look for him to check him over!!

I remember pulling over and just feeling like throwing up. I talked to God, shouted to God cuz I just didn’t have the calmness to talk to anyone else.

Could He, of course, He could, bring Puppy back to life if he was dying somewhere? I must have talked to God for half an hour. I told Him how if He could raise Jesus, and Lazarus and I believe there are others, from the dead, He could help a little ( for those of you who know him, hehe) dog out. I knew He could answer my pleading prayer.


As I rounded a bend in the interstate near Greensboro, there was a gigantic billboard.... HE IS RISEN…… is what it said. So, I knew God could save Puppy. I don't know how many minutes passed. I know that my foot was pretty heavy on the gas pedal, hurrying to get look for Puppy.

Meanwhile, at QMS, word, somehow, got out that Puppy was missing, Julianne starting crying and Dan felt terrible.

It was good that I had three hours more to go, cuz I wasn't sure how to react to Dan, if I could have been home in 30 minutes. I am working on that. Forgive others as we ask our Father to forgive us. yeah, Dear God, don't give me anymore situations to learn from.

It turns out that Cameron and Dan got to the farm and Cameron found Puppy, under the antique wash bucket stand on the front porch. They called me and I am relieve and again eternally grateful to God for taking care of one of the special animals on our farm. Puppy laid for a couple days without moving much, I bandaged his gash, gave him water and much needed TLC. He is Alive!

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